Single Tube Sliding Rheostat 500 Ohm

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A wide range of Rheostat are available from 0.1 amp. to 200 amp. Values from 0.5 ohms to 12000 ohms.

Product Attributes:

Warranty : Two Years
Brand : STEAD
No. of Tubes : Single
Types of Operation : Sliding
Types of Cooling : Natural
Available Values : 0 - 1000 ohm/ 0 - 500 ohm/ 0 - 20 ohm( if need different value Please Contact by E-mail or whatsapp)
SIZE : 30 cm x 4.3 cm

STEAD Brand Wirewound Sliding Rheostats are spaced wound with best quality Cu/Ni or Ni/Cr Alloy Resistance Wire having very low temp. Co-efficient and wire is protected with high temp. Resistance Compound. The winding is done on vitreous enameled drawn steel tubes, fitted with aluminium die casted stands/fabricated steel stands. Phosphor Bronze or Self Lubricating Copper Graphite Contacts are fitted on brass slider, Slides on solid drawn brass rods.

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