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Lifelong Stainless Steel Scales & Verniers, calibrated on IMPORTED machine, Accuracy of +.001%.

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Warranty : Two Years
Brand : Weswox

Cast iron heavy base fitted with three leveling screws with top machined to take a travelling metallic carriage. The carriage is free to move a long scale and holds a clamping screw, which when tightened connects the carriage to a spring loaded bar.
Precision lapped vertical and horizontal carriages with fine movement free from lateral shift or chattering. Travel horizontally 165mm and vertically 120mm.
Verniers both reading to 0.02mm or 0.01mm.
Special rigid fixing of the vertical pillar to the horizontal carriage, ensuring true vertically even with rough usage.
Wider object platform with optical white top.
Special rust proof best quality stainless steel scales finely graduated.
Focusing of microscope tube by rack and pinion and microscope consisting of 10x eyepiece Ramsden with fine glass graticule.
Achromatic 2″ or 3″ focal length objective made from highest quality optical glass.
Coarse movements of vernier scale by hand and fine movements through milled head. Extended fine adjustment range 20mm for each carriage.
Index marks denote the true vertical and horizontal positions of the tube.

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